Because health isn't just physical.

Our team at Hybrid Pharm believes that modern medicine isn't at odds with alternative therapies.

We can help you find the perfect balance.

In the medical community, there is a commonly held belief that you must choose either the path of pharmaceutical drugs or traditional medicine. We at Hybrid Pharm are passionate about the fact that the two do not have to be rivals, but in fact, can go hand in hand. Our team also sees a bigger picture; one that has painted your health as a whole, with all of its different facets.

Meet the Pham

Every person we have met through our one-of-a-kind pharmacy has inspired and grown us. We would love to hear from you and get started on your path to health, together.

Find your Balance

Your health doesn’t end with the products you receive from Hybrid Pharm. We’ve gathered recipes, workouts, and articles that can help you continue to take a whole-health approach. 

We look at the whole picture.

Without an all-encompassing whole-health approach, wellness can fall short. We can help you reach your health goals.

Hybrid Pharm's green cross - the hybrid of healthcare and nature


Our mental health relates directly to our physical health. With our expertise in cannabis and other non-traditional medicine, we can help you find the correct dosage to manage anxiety, stress, and other mental health ailments.

Hybrid Pharm's green cross - the hybrid of healthcare and nature


Take your physical wellness to the next level with our wide range of products that can help you reach your goals. From mushroom-based beverages to sleep aids, we’ve got you covered.

Hybrid Pharm's green cross - the hybrid of healthcare and nature


Having a community is key to wellness, and we at the Pharm are always striving to grow ours. Discover workshops, classes, and community events that can help you find your people.

Frequently Asked Questions

About medical pharmacy services & consultations

Yes. We have a wide range vitamin, mushroom, and health beauty products. Visit us and find the alternative health and wellness products best suited for your needs.

From cooking to how-to classes, we run a variety of health and wellness directed classes.

We often post about upcoming local events on our social media channels–connect with the community and join our next event! 

From reducing cannabis smoking to tapering off medications, we are here to guide your health. Talk to us, and we’ll help with your health and wellness goals. 

Yes. We carry a variety of pharmacy staples for your healthcare needs.

If you do not see the product you are looking for, let us know and we can order it in for you no problem.

Start your Hybrid journey today.

Start your Hybrid journey today.

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