Whether you need access to medical cannabis or even education, we can help.

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We will walk you through the registration process, teach you how to order and recommend specific strains that are best suited for your medical condition(s). Safety is our number one concern. We monitor your progress and safety through drug interaction checks and regular follow-up appointments. Our full service pharmacy ensures your health is covered.


Gain access to the Canadian ACMPR system. We will help get you started and teach you how to navigate the world of licensed producers. You have options and we have answers. Come talk to us today.


Our certified team is here to help you understand cannabis. You will learn about strains, dosage forms and side effects. Attend our workshops and seminars to learn from us and other like-minded patients.


Our hands-on classes, workshops & events focus on bridging the gap between medicine and lifestyle changes. Learn healthy recipes, get active, and join our community events that embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Our team is dedicated to ensure your safety

Your cannabis treatments are optimized through close monitoring, drug interaction checks and quality control processes. Feel at peace knowing your care is in the hands of our experts.

Obtain a Medical Cannabis Prescription

Our Registration Process

Step 1

Book your Medical Cannabis Consultation

Our medical staff will sit down and discuss your medical condition(s) to see if cannabis is right for you. Book your in-depth cannabis consultation to get started.

Step 2

Provide Medical Documentation

Choose from one of three avenues to gain access to medical cannabis, download and complete your forms. We ask that you provide a letter of diagnosis and a medication record (obtained from your pharmacy).

Step 3

Consult With Your Healthcare Practitioner

After we have received & reviewed your medical documentation to confirm your eligibility, we will book you an appointment with one of our Healthcare Professionals. Once approved, you will be provided with a medical prescription. Appointments are conducted at our Ottawa location or via our tele-medicine platform.

Step 4

Order Your Medical Cannabis Online

We will provide education on strain selection, methods of consumption and placing orders through your Licensed Producer. We will follow-up with you at regular intervals to discuss your treatment and adjust therapy as needed. We want ensure that you are educated, and feel comfortable with your medication regimen.

Medical Cannabis Consultations

Providing access and education for medical cannabis

Your cannabis treatments are optimized through close monitoring, drug interaction checks and quality control processes. Feel at peace knowing your care is in the hands of our experts.

Looking for cannabis prescription renewal or more information?

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Virtual Care

Virtually connect with your health care practitioners

Available to all Ontario residents is our Tele-Medicine platform which allows any patient to virtually connect with our Healthcare Practitioners through secure video calls. This requires the patient to have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an active internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

About medical cannabis access & consultations

Click here to book your medical cannabis consultation. Click here for more information about our process!


Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows patients to legally access to marijuana for medical purposes. Patients with authorization from a prescriber can register with a Health Canada approved licensed producer and order via their online portal.

The only way to purchase legal medical cannabis in Canada is through a licensed producer which is shipped via mail.

A licensed producer (LP) is a Health Canada regulated grower and producer of medical marijuana. They are the only legal avenues to obtain cannabis in Canada. LPs are required to follow strict guidelines and quality assurances to ensure their products are contaminant-free and safe for consumption. Dispensaries, on the other hand, are illegal establishments that dispense marijuana and related products. Their products are derived from illegal sources and thus safety and quality cannot be determined. Health Canada has no oversight into the products that are dispensed at these businesses.

Medical cannabis is currently not covered by OHIP or other government-related healthcare programs. LPs may offer compassionate pricing for eligible patients. Some private insurance companies (i.e. SunLife) offer benefits packages that include medical marijuana. We encourage you to speak with your provider and ask about coverage.

Yes! We offer in-home services within Ottawa and Tele-medicine appointments throughout Ontario. 

For your initial consultation, please provide us with your health card, a list of your current and past medications as well as any other documents that relate to your medical condition(s). Together we will go over your medications, health history and answer any questions you may have.

We will require you to enter your credit card or PayPal details after completing the booking process, to reserve your appointment time. This charge will be held, but not processed, until your appointment time where you will be able to pay in-store.

In order to hold your consultation booking, we will ask for a credit card. Please note, we will not charge your card, but in the event of a no show or late cancellation, we reserve the right to place a $35.00 charge. Thank you for your understanding.

You can simply call us at The Pharm: 613-695-4923 or Email: info@hybridpharm.com to re-book/cancel your appointment.

In order to qualify as a Hybrid Pharm patient, you must have your prescriptions filled with us. If you are currently at another pharmacy, not to worry, transferring is as easy as one phone call.

Start your Hybrid journey today.

Start your Hybrid journey today.

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