5 Ways to Declutter your Life

Welcome to your fresh fall start to clearing out your home space and your mind! We put together 5 ideas to help you declutter your life. A clean environment and headspace leaves you feeling happier, healthier and overall lighter. Just start with one 🙂

Woman opeing fridge


We open our fridge numerous times a day! Whether we are staring inside to look for something to eat or simply staring into the abyss it’s a staple in our home. A clean and organized fridge is a very mentally cleansing task as we don’t feel overwhelmed and confused each time we open the fridge. On top of that, a clean fridge leads to better food choices as you can actually see all of the fresh food you have to eat.. Or the empty space you might want to fill.


Emails, surveys, deals, articles… and the list goes on and on. We all get bombarded with emails throughout the day. Unroll me makes unsubscribing from emails so incredibly easy and then manages your subscriptions into one daily “roll up” email that you can tend to at your leisure. Say goodbye to the daily flood of unnecessary emails! Get the app at unroll.me



When your mind feels cluttered, write it down. Journaling is extremely cathartic and helps to declutter racing thoughts. Get it out and onto paper to clear your mind.


So many clothes. Two questions to ask yourself when cleaning.1. Does it bring you joy? 2. When is the last time you wore the item? If it’s been more than a few weeks it’s time to pass the clothing onto a new home. A smaller wardrobe, less choices throughout the day is a great way to clear the head space.


An app that can help take away the to do list in your brain. These are two great app options, although there are many. Productivity helps with habit formation and todoist is a great way to have reminders of your organized to do lists. Out of the brain helps to make room for more enjoyable thoughts.

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